The Difference Between W.E.D.

Weathering is what breaks down things, like you can put a rock on running water than wait.When you get back to the rock you will see the difference because it has broken down.Canyons are like this because of the weathering.










erosion means to be moved or eroded by natural agents like wind, water, etc.

here is an example of erosion



deposition is when soil, water, ice, etc. moves to another landform.

This can destroy landforms or build them up.



A Cure For Boredom

Are you bored of sitting at your desk all day?If so, The Science Discovery Place is exciting, fun, and educational things to do!The stuff to do there is fun so I will tell you the fun and educational stuff to do there!

There is a cave that makes you feel like you are in an earthquake and there, you can dig up fossils!There is a different room for acting like you are a doctor, newsman, banker, cook, cowboy, and even a fireman!There are blocks to build something with and there are domino stairs to make a row then knock them down and watch the dominos fall one by one.

The boat has some sea creatures on display so you can learn about them.
Back in the cave there are dinosaur posters and bats on display to study.
I suggest we go to The Science Discovery Place in Tyler.

The Science Discovery Place has lots of neat things and informational posters and displays.
I believe The Science Discovery Place will encourage people with new ideas.

The Wars in The Stars!

Blam!A war has begun
with amazing super soldiers that have cool laser weapons
and awesome psychic swordsmen saving the day
from an evil mastermind that wishes to rule the galaxy!

The large cow-shaped vehicles tip one by one
while small to colossus aircrafts soar the sky
red and blue lasers shooting out in all directions!

The heroes are fighting robots and aliens to protect the planet
but it seems like the enemy wants more of the light show
and would not stop begging!

Finally the enemy had enough and flee but planet is safe now
because of the heroes of the replublic and their bravery and everything turns out well
but the next thing I know the credits show up with a space setting!

My Grandpa

I know I can do anything by God because of the encouragement of my Grandpa, Because of the encouragement of my Grandpa.Because of his good reputation he helps keeps me safe with his advice and of course, his choices.He gains good reputation every day and does not mind lending a hand to his friends and family.

I admire my Grandpa because he is extremely helpful, nice and fair.My Grandpa has great encouragement to keep my day wonderful and that can make me feel like I can climb a mountain.He makes me happy and still does.He fells more like my hero that make me feel like I can run the country, though I can not my Grandpa can cheer me up with his kindness and the word of god.He tells me that even if you do not reach a goal or target, you should be happy because of the great person that you are.This is a few reasons why I admire him and that he will be my hero always.

Christmas-eve Fun

I lay in my bed while I hear the door opening and closing, I hear talking too.I have realized what day it is, Christmas-eve! I knew that it was not time to open presents because my sisters were still asleep. Soon it was time to open our presents! I sit on the floor as my granddad hands us gifts, I was ready and could not wait to open every one that sat in front of me.

Finally, my grandma counts down”3, 2, 1, go!”my grandma yells. I tore through the wrapping quickly because I was too exited. I opened each present one by one thanking someone for a present. Soon I was at my last present, It was flat, I thought that it will be something cheap.

I opened the flat mysterious present, It was a tablet! I looked at all the stuff I got, Nintendo 3DS games, Money, Legos, plush toys, and action figures.

“Wow!”I said”Thanks for the gifts!”. After dinner was over I went in my room and played till it was time to go to bed.I went to church and while I was there I was told about giving.Giving is better than to receive.


The plants are growing,

They really are showing,

All the plants wink,

When everyone blinks,

The plants shine brighter than the sun,

They are really fun,

They are like a music box,

They like the drawings of chalk,

They thought they talked,

But the plants say”Hello!”,

The plants wanted pants,

But the people  pulled the plants.